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Pistachio nut is the fruit of a treelike plant (scientific name of Pistacia Vera) that grows in clusters. The kernel is yellowish green and covered by a peel firmly adhered thereto. The enlarged nut pushes on the surrounding hard beige shell to cause a natural split, while the hull, which serves as a protective cover for the shell, usually remains intact.
The pistachio trees blooms during April and the kernel develops during the month of July. Pistachio usually ripens in 2nd half of September.
Once harvested, the pistachio is immediately transported to plant for processing (hulling, drying and sorting).

Export packing
We export pistachio in shell and kernel in bulk with the following packing:
- Pistachio in shell, in double-layer polypropylene bags of 50 kg. N.W.
- Kernel, in cartons of 10 kg and or 12.5 kg N.W.
Quality checking
Before exporting pistachios and kernels undergo precise physical and microbiological tests in compliance with the international standards by health authorities of the region.

Pistachios are calibrated by the number of pistachios in a weight unit of one avoirdupois ounce (28.3495 gr.) as under:
18/20, 20/22, 22/24, 24/26, 26/28, 28/30 and 30/32
Type of open shell
- Natural Open (the shell is opened on the tree naturally)
- Mechanical Open (the shell is opened mechanically in plant)

Pistachio in shell species
   Round: Available in 26/28, 28/30 and 30/32

   Jumbo: Available in 18/20, 20/22 and 22/24
   Akbari: Available in 18/20, 20/22 and 22/24    Ahmad Aghaei: Available in 22/24, 24/26 and 26/28    Badami: Available in 24/26, 26/28 and 28/30

Closed shell pistachios

Close Shell pistachio is available in sizes of 26/28, 28/30 and 30/32 and is exported to the clients who wish to open the shell at the destination.

Kernel species
- Normal Pistachio Kernel: This type is obtained from ripped pistachios.

- Blanched Pistachio Kernels:  is also known as Green Kernels  . The immature kernels contain a large amount of chlorophyll pigments– which yield the intense green color. It is mainly used in chocolate, pastry, ice cream and sausage industries.
The kernels are produced by mechanically shelling the closed nuts and then removing the seed coat by steaming and friction.
The dried peeled kernels would then be color sorted into 5 different shades of green to suit different industrial uses.
They could also be sorted by size according to customer’s requirements.

Helpful tips
We would be pleased to receive your inquiry by e-mail or fax, indicating exact quantities per item so that we could offer you our competitive prices promptly.
It would be highly appreciated if you could send us the following information along with your inquiry:
- The area of activity of your Company and your website address (if applicable)
- The quantity of pistachio consumed in your Country
- Your Company's annual imports of pistachio & kernels
- Your intended destination port (important)

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