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About us

Viraman Company (Private Joint-stock) was established in 1982 and registered as a non-oil export company in Iran. From the beginning, the Company started its activity, in processing, sorting, packaging and export of different types of saffron, pistachio in shell and pistachio kernel. Viraman has gradually succeeded to promote its performance by considerable investments and by employing efficient and experienced managers. The Company has achieved a high status among exporting companies and plays an important role in the export of agricultural products from Iran. 

Quality Policy

Viraman has always had a full understanding of the concepts of quality, and has a serious commitment to fulfilling its customer's demands. Consequently, we have dedicated our effort in developing a process for quality selection, sorting and packing of saffron and pistachio. At the same time, as Viraman has primary sources, we are able to maintain our competitiveness in the international markets assuring the desired level of quality.


Viraman has always tried to override its rivals by improving quality of its products and has therefore been among the top names in saffron and pistachio market.
Some of the achievements of the Company are listed below: 

- In 1989, Viraman joined the Iranian Dry Fruits Exporters Union in Iran Chamber of Commerce. 

- In 1991, we established a branch in Kerman city including a pistachio processing plant and two large equipped warehouses for storing pistachio on an area of    10,000 square meters under hygienic conditions.

- In 1992, we established a branch in Mashhad city equipped with an accredited laboratory of saffron and special warehouse for storing and keeping saffron.- In 1993, Viraman received a Letter of Appreciation from Khorasan Province Standard Department as the Exemplary Exporter.

- In 1995, we were given the first permit for Accredited Laboratory of saffron from Khorasan Province Standard Department. 

- In 1995, Khorasan Province Standard Department granted us the permit to use of National Iranian Standard mblem on all our saffron export.

- In 2003, Viraman joined the Green Corridor plan as an exporter member of “healthy pistachio” to EU countries. As one of the members of the High Council in Kerman Chamber of Commerce, it played an important role in compiling executive bylaw of green corridor plan.

- In 2005, Viraman succeeded to obtain international certificate of quality control management ISO 9001 for saffron exports.

- In 2006 Viraman appointed as a member of the board of trustees in Iran Pistachio  Association as well as Commercial Council member in this association.

- In 2007 Viraman appointed as a member of the board of directors in Iran Dried Fruits Exporters Association.

- In 2009, Viraman was succeeded in obtaining the "Operation License" for saffron   from Ministry of Industries and Mines.

- In 2010-2011 Viraman is the proud recipient of "Top Exporter Award" for pistachio

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